6 Unforgettable Themes for Your Hen Party

Hey there, party planners! Got a hen party coming up and need some theme ideas? We've got you sorted with these 7 awesome themes to kick your celebration up a notch.

What to consider when picking a theme:

Before you go all-in on your theme, let's take a sec to make sure it's a good fit for everyone:

Keep It easy and affordable
Don't go overboard with fancy themes that'll break the bank. Keep it simple and budget-friendly, so nobody's stressing about finding expensive costumes or props. The goal is to have fun without going broke!

Think about everyone's needs
Make sure the venue and theme are accessible for everyone. Consider if the theme might be tricky for some guests or if it requires props that could be hard to find. We want everyone to join in without any hassle.

Check for props and costumes
Before you commit to a theme, see if you can easily get the stuff you need. Look around local shops or online to find affordable options for costumes and decorations. And if it's too hard to find, maybe consider a different theme.

Plan ahead and keep everyone in the loop
Once you've picked your theme, give everyone a heads up. Let them know what they might need for costumes or props, and give them plenty of time to get ready. And be open to ideas from everyone – it's their party too!

By keeping it simple, accessible, and affordable, you can make sure your themed hen party is a blast for everyone involved, with no stress or hassle.

Some of our favourites

Here are some awesome themes to make your hen party unforgettable:

1. Gatsby Glam
Transport your squad back to the roaring twenties with a vintage glamour theme. Think feather boas, flapper dresses and pearl necklaces. Decorate with gold accents, antique furniture, and lots of glitz and glam.

Signature cocktail: Martini
2. Tropical Getaway:
Bring a taste of the tropics to your bash with a tropical paradise theme. Picture vibrant floral decorations, beachy vibes, and exotic cocktails. Tell your crew to dress in Hawaiian shirts, floral dresses, and straw hats for those island feels. A pool party house with Tipsy Hens would suit this theme to a tee.

Signature cocktail: Piña Colada
3. Venetian Masquerade:
Add some intrigue to your night with a masquerade ball theme straight out of medieval Venice. Hand out fancy masks and create a lush, mysterious atmosphere with luxurious fabrics and dramatic lighting. Dress to impress in elegant ball gowns and sharp suits for a touch of sophistication.

Signature cocktail: Aperol Spritz
4. Hollywood Night at the Movies:
Roll out the red carpet and go Hollywood glam for your party. Set up a photo booth with movie-themed props and serve cocktails named after iconic films. Tell your friends to channel their inner movie star with glamorous outfits and lots of sparkle. Why not book a photographer to create a red carpet atmosphere for the bride-to-be?

Signature cocktail: Cosmopolitan
5. Boho Vibes:
Keep it chill with a boho chic theme. Think dreamcatchers, tapestries, and lots of greenery for a relaxed vibe. Encourage flowy dresses, flower crowns, and sandals for that free-spirited bohemian look.

Signature cocktail: Mojito
6. Mexican Fiesta:
Spice things up with a fiesta-themed fiesta! Set up a taco bar, serve Mexican food, and decorate with colourful banners and piñatas. Tell your crew to grab their sombreros and get ready for a fun-filled celebration.

Signature cocktail: Tequila Sunrise
Whatever you choose, the next step is to pick a venue. That's where we come in with our list of amazing hen party houses. Check them out and start planning the perfect hen party now!
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